REVIEW: Mama Cried - Talia Haven

Genre: YA
Release Date: January 9th 2015
Book Length: 12 pages
Publisher: Sheehan and Haven
Source: Physical copy, Goodreads (Thanks Deborah!!)
Review: 4/5 *Full Review Below.

Jenny was enjoying herself on the swings when Azula, one of the guardians of the playground came to take her away. 
Together they journey to a cinder building where Jenny must make a powerful decision.

I have never ever read a book 12 pages long and I have never ever felt so many emotions in such a short time. It really does take minutes to read this but it’s the type of story that truly stays with you. The blurb is purposefully short and vague and gives nothing away. Limited to what I can say as the slightest comment can give everything away

Jenny’s has to make an important decision for someone so young, it delivers a powerful message and pulls on your heartstrings. An amazing, hard-hitting short story.

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