February TBR: It's all about the 2016 releases!

Hey guys,

I hope you're all well and have had a lovely start to the New Year, can you believe it's February already? Where has the time gone? All our highly antiquated reads of 2016 will be here before you know it! In order to help motivate me to get some actual reading done this month, I thought I'd post my Feb TBR, so here it is...

The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig 

- I actually finished this book last night but I'll include it in my Feb TBR as I'll post my review this month. I was pretty impressed with this debut but more on that next time.

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

- My current read and by Wyrd, it's spectacular... like seriously, I'm rushing this post so I can get back to it. So far, so good and I already highly recommend this book.

 The Sleeping Prince by Melinda Salisbury

- I'm actually on the blog tour for The Sleeping Prince, which is pretty exciting. LitObsess' tour stop is on Feb 14th incase anybody would like to check it out but there are plenty of amazing stops along the way. I'll have my review up on my tour stop but I just want to say that The Sleeping Prince is ten times better than The Sin Eater's Daughter, so fans of the series will love the sequel.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

- I can't tell you how excited I am to read this book, I don't know how I've lasted this long without reading it, especially with all the hype surrounding it. But with A Gathering of Shadows just around the corner, it's about time I take the plunge and discover what it is about Schwab's writing that has everyone cuckoo, wish me luck!

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

- It took me a while to get this book, as I'm from the UK the only way to get a copy was Amazon which 9 times out of 10 is fine, sometimes I even get my copy early and I'm screeching like a howler monkey... not this year. Nope, this year I get an email saying my copy will be between 4-6 weeks *cries* but luckily it was delivered last week, hurrah! This is one of my 2016 most anticipated reads so I can't wait to get started, also how gorgeous is the cover?

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

- I'm a little nervous for this one, while I've been looking forward to it the hype surrounding this book before Christmas doesn't add up to the reviews I'm seeing now? Oi vey, I think I'll blame the hype if this books doesn't turn out to be the epic-fantasy adventure I'm expecting, but fingers crossed it's everything I hope and want it to be.

Once Upon a Dream by Liz Braswell

- Sadly I wasn't a fan of 'A Whole New World', but there's something about twisted re-tellings that calls to me, I can't resist them. I'm trying to not get my hopes up about Once Upon a Dream but the mere thought of diving into this world which will undoubtedly bring back all my Disney Movie memories has me itching to pick it up this instant.

Crush by Eve Ainsworth

- Again my little blog LitObsess was invited to be apart of the blog tour for Crush *squeals*. I've heard a lot about Ainsworth writing and that she tackles real, tough issues that we don't usually see in those light and fluffy YA contemporary romances, refreshing right? 

Through the Veil by Colleen Halverson

- Lastly on my list is Through the Veil and ever since I finished The Iron Warrior, I've been in need for a good Fae book; please be this! Now that I'm looking back on my TBR, I'm starting to worry I've been a little ambitious. Hmm, ahh well I can always add a few to my March TBR if I don't get through them all.

So that's my TBR and knowing me it will completely change 
as the weeks go by *sigh*
What does your month look like?

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  1. I really don't have a set TBR. One of the biggest things for me this month (and this entire month in general) is to start reading the books that I want to read, not the ones that are popular but I have no interest in. I just think that I keep buying books based off of how popular they are.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Me neither Alex, I'm trying it this month to see if it will get me to read a little more but I have a feeling I may up disappointed if I don't read everything *sigh*.
      I keep doing that, the minute more than one person talks about a book I get this irrational need that I MUST buy it, it's crazy right?

  2. You're on the blog tour for two books? That's amazing! I'm definitely looking forward to those :D
    It's very scary how many of those books are on my own TBR (though not for this month...well, I don't really make month TBRs, mainly because I never stick to them haha).
    I'm really looking forward to your reviews on The Girl From Everywhere, Truthwitch, A Darker Shade of Magic, The Sleeping Prince, Passgener, and Through the Veil! Not to put any pressure, but your reviews will dictate how much I should prioritize reading those books ;)
    Happy reading, Cody! It looks like you've got a great month ahead of you!

    1. Hahaha, I've said this before we are practically the same person! I know Erika me neither, I tried one in October and can you remember how ambitious we were? I'm going to see if I can actually stick to it but if it's too much or I feel a little pressured I think I'll just stick to reading what I feel like at the time. Oh dear... no pressure *sweats* I can't wait to speak about them to you!
      Thank you so much, and thanks for commenting as always, you're the greatest <3

  3. I think Feb is the best month, not just for book releases (Glass Sword!!) but also because it's my birthday-month! My birthday's today, Feb 1st! lol :P Anyway, great list I can't wait to read Passenger! I don't really set TBR lists for a month, as I nearly always get new books halfway through the month or else I might get asked to review a book by an author which would throw me off. I just read what I'm interested in at the moment. Good luck on getting through it! :)


    1. Ahhh, Glass Sword!! Are you excited? It's so close now, I think it's gone really quick.
      Happy Birthday!!! <3
      I don't blame you, I'm already regretting my decision because there's other books I already want to read. I think your plan is best, just read what you want, when you want!

  4. I'm planning to read A Darker Shade of Magic too! Are you joining the read a long on GR or Twitter?? Because haha that was my motivation to start reading it xD
    I'm also in the middle of reading Passenger, so I'll probably finish reading it this month too!
    Hoping to see reviews on these - can't wait to be able to discuss them :D

    1. Yaaay, you'll have to let me know what you think of it so we can discuss.
      I might join it, I've completely forgotten when it starts so I'll have to look that up asap.
      Ohhh what do you think of Passenger? Please say it's great *fingers crossed*

  5. Heyyy Cody! I just stumbled on your blog and I think it's really cute. Just looking at all the flowers and fern leaves in your logo makes me smile! I have a feeling I'll be coming back :). I don't really set monthly TBR lists, mostly because I'll never get around to reading the books on it and then I'll feel unproductive. I get quite busy and I don't get to read as much some months! Two books that are on my TBR list in general are Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han - I know, I KNOW, I'm behind!

    1. Hiii Sydney!
      Oh my god, thank you so much. You've made my day, I've just been talking about that to my friend, looking at my list is a little daunting and I'm already wanting to stray from it. Ohhh I haven't read anything by Jenny Han but I hear she's a great author so I must check her out soon. You'll will enjoy Red Queen is such a good YA book and with Glass Sword around the corner now's the perfect time to read it, at least you've avoided the year long wait ;)
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and visiting my blog <3

  6. I've been wanting to read The Girl From Everywhere! You have to tell me if it's good! I just finished Passenger! This month I'm planning on reading The Young Elites and Lunar Chronicles (I know, I'm a bit late to the party! :) )
    On another note, I absolutely love your blog!!

    #lovebooks: http://hashtaglovebooks.com/

    1. I've just finished The Girl From Everywhere and it was such a lovely read but I think with all the hype I expected a little more *sigh*. I'll have a review up soon with all my ramblings but I definitely think people should check it out, it is worth it :)
      Oh my god, you will love the The Young Elites, it's ah-mazing I still haven't read The Rose Society so don't worry :P as for The Lunar Chronicles, now is the perfect time to read them, you skip the year long wait and the last book is coming out, yay! (I think it might actually be out for some places)
      Thank you so much Alicia <3

    2. Ahaha! That's great to hear! I just finished Cinder but I'm upset that the next book isn't in Cinder's perspective! I'm excited to read both the rest of The Lunar Chronicles and The Young Elites! Oh, I hate it when you get super excited to read a book but it doesn't live up to it's hype! I can't wait to see your review!

  7. Awesome picks! I also want to get to A Darker Shade of Magic soon. I don't know if I'll be able to squeeze it into my schedule in February, but I definitely plan to read it by the end of march.
    And I totally feel you on twisted retellings. I've read so many that disappointed me, but I still can't help picking them up anyway. It's a problem I don't mind having.

    By the way...

    Because I think your blog is awesome, I've nominated you for the 2016 Liebster Award!

    If you want to know more about this award and how you can spread the love, the rules and additional information can be found here: http://feelyourbooks.blogspot.com/2016/02/the-liebster-award-2016.html

    Congratulations! I look forward to checking out your response. :)

    1. Im the exact same Moriah, I keep seeing books I want to read straight away but I haven't got the time :( ahhh illy schedules haha :P. YES! I'm so glad I'm not the only one, re-telling just sound amazing right? I need to read it because I would hate to skip one when it could be the bets on yet


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