Why read books and what started it all?

Hey guys,

So I was basically without internet for a few days, which was absolute torture but it allowed me to get some reading done and rearrange my bookshelves. During my little sort out of books deciding which ones to give away, I can across these classic's...

These were some of my first ever books from my mum and since then I became hooked with reading. As you can probably tell Charlotte's Web was the very first as it's showing a few signs of wear and tear ;)

This got be thinking, why do we read books? Was you gifted a book from a loved from and your obsession started there? Or did you happen upon books by yourself and loved to escape to another place or world? 

Or was you inspired by something else?

My reason for reading

So as I've said my main reason for being a bookworm is because of my mum, she was always reading Danielle Steel books when I was young and for my birthday or Christmas she would always buy me new books and most of them had a few of these inside:

Little inscriptions, which thank god stopped a long while because she knows that I would have a heart attack if she were to take ink to one of my new books. God forbid! Thankfully I kissed goodbye to dog-eared page marks too.

I've actually just noticed that you can see the back cover through that page on the picture, hahah how terrible? All of my love of books came from these early classic's and I would re-read them constantly and just enjoy becoming immersed in a book no matter the world or setting. 

Reading is the perfect thing to do if you want to escape, relax, maybe unwind before bed, in some cases wake yourself up (only good books do this!) or maybe you had parents like mine who said 'reading is good for your brain' haha, but for me it's all about the excitement and just pure fun reading brings me.

I definitely feel reading has only gotten more enjoyable for me over the years and it's at it's all time highest now due to blogging and being involved in the blogosphere, I've made some great friends and there's nothing better than actually getting to sit down and discuss your thoughts and feelings and just fangirl over your latest or favourite reads. I don't think (and certainly hope) I will ever become bored with reading.

So what inspired you to start reading? Can you remember the time you first become hooked on books or the book itself that changed everything? 

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  1. Matilda and Charlotte's Web are pure classics in my childhood! I loved them! I was one of those kids who liked books, but oddly went through phases of reading. Mainly because both at school and at home, people were constantly reading to me, and telling me "Books are good for your brain!," and I was a slight rebel and hated them telling me what to do something, thus stopping. But I don't think that'll ever happen to me again!
    The earliest book for me that changed everything was The Magic Treehouse series. It was about two kids who go into a treehouse, point to a book, and say they wish they could go there, and bam! The treehouse takes them literally into that book! Seriously, I need one of those, because just think of all the male characters I could meet ;) I'm completely with you when you say that reading is at its highest time of enjoyment, especially with blogging! Books are perfect escapes, and it's even better when there are people who have escaped into the same book with you!
    Loved this awesome post! Keep doing what you do! ;)

    1. Oh you rebel, I love it! I'm so glad you was a child to have the 'books are good for your brain' mantra repeated over and over again *sigh*, technically they were right but we shall never admit it ;)
      The Magic Treehouse? I've never heard of it, but it's sound so so good, am I too old for this? hahaa
      Yes, oh my god who would you see first? *AHEM, ASHHH*

    2. OH MY GOD YES ASH <3 <3 <3 Do you think it'd be okay if I kidnapped him for a bit? Or just kidnap every hot guy I've read about? You know, just have an entire room filled with guys all with varying badboy issues ;)

    3. Ahhhh the more issues the better ;) (WAIT... does this mean we have issues? Let's just ignore this ;) haha)

  2. My mother read Danielle Steel, too! Whenever I see one of her books, I can't help but think of my mother growing up. Watching her read is probably a huge reason why I love reading so much. I've been reading my entire life, but it was only a few years ago that I REALLY got into it. I picked up The Program by Suzanne Young because I liked the cover, and the rest is history.

    PS I've been being lazy blog hopping lately, so I am just now discovering your new blog design. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! :D

    Sarah @ The Reading Petal

    1. Ahhh me too.. I've never actually read Danielle Steel perhaps when we are older ;)
      That's such a good book to start your reading obsession with, who doesn't love pretty covers <3
      Thank you SO much Sarah! x

  3. I also loved Matilda and Charlotte’s Web. I remember my 3rd grade teacher reading both of them to my class. I wasn’t a big reader until I discovered Stephen King when I was 11 years old. I fell in love with horror and couldn’t get enough of it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Wow, horror your brave! I'm actually thinking of reading some horror books, surely there less scary that the movies.. right? right?! hahaha :)

  4. With me it started in highschool joining the Twilight fad which I cringe about now -_- when I finished the books I realised I enjoyed reading. I had a long journey to college each day and would be sat on a bus for ages and my friends suggested reading on the bus. So I went to the Works and picked up a vampire book (Morganville) which I later found out was half way through the series but I enjoyed it again. So I kept reading until I finished each book. Then I met you and got loads of amazing recommendations!!! <3
    Also loving the layout Cody where'd you get it? I'm working on a new review blog instead of my old one since I thought it easier to start from scratch. I've only just started and I'm addicted now!
    Elizabeth Robinson (Uni)

    1. You always talk about this Morganville series and I still haven't read it yet, I'm going to have to get book one soon, that way I will definitely read it :O
      Exactly, we are always giving each other books to read ;)
      Thank so much Liz, My friend & Co-blogger Olivia is a designer and she's absolutely amazing,
      Her blog is called Fictionally Obsessed and she has a design link on there, I did a post a while back about the Blog Design and it has all her link so you should definitely check it out, Highly Recommend!
      YAAAYY BLOGGER FRIENDS, I'm so happy!
      You must get GFC so I can stay up to date with your posts and comment on them none stop ;)


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