Review: The Unraveling by Laurel Wanrow

Series: The Luminated Threads #1
Genre: NA, Steampunk
Release Date: June 23rd 2015
Book Length: 302 pages
Publisher: Sprouting Star Press
Source: eBook (Thanks Laurel!!), Goodreads 
Review: 3/5 *Full Review Below.

In 1868 England, the competition to control agriculture is fierce… 
…and nobody says no to Derby’s industrial magnate. 

Except Annmar Masterson. The nineteen-year-old rejects his improper advances and instead takes an advertising position on a farm. She discovers the isolated valley is home to gifted species—including animal and plant shifters—who hide their lives from the rest of England. The blue threads only she sees on their clockwork machinery prove her heritage is rooted with theirs, but their world is so different that Annmar doesn't know if she'll ever belong. 

Shapeshifter Daeryn Darkcoat blames himself for the death of his mate and swears he won't be responsible for another pack. But when the farm he loves falls victim to an endless run of strange pests eating the crops, he joins the hunt, taking charge of an unruly team of predator shifters. In the midst of the battle, Annmar stirs feelings he can’t resist. 

As Annmar becomes entangled in the fight against the pests, and with Daeryn, she discovers her magic might help…if she can learn to use it properly. If not, she’ll be forced to leave the people she has come to care for and become what she fears most: nothing more than another cog in the magnate’s gears. 

This book is definitely something different compared to other steampunk novels. We are taken back to 19th Century England where Annmar our protagonist longs to own her shop and be a successful illustrator. Annmar is going nowhere fast, working for a leech of a man who does not want her for her drawings or talent; thankfully she’s offered an incredible job at her mother’s hometown Blighted Basin. The very next day Annmar boards a train to this mysterious valley where she will work on a farm to produce labels for fruits and vegetables. Blighted Basin is a place of magic where the farm workers shift into animals to hunt pests at night and it’s here that Annmar discovers she has magic of her own.

My relationship with steampunk has always been somewhat rocky, I neither love them or hate then but instead always find myself somewhere in the middle sat on the fence.
Wanrow creates a lovely picture of old world England and what it’s like to be a woman in this age, the addition of magic and shape-shifting lead to an intriguing story. The romance between Annmar and shapeshifter Daeryn is a slow one and very enjoyable to read but I was somewhat disheartened when we didn’t get any kisses whatsoever. 

My only real issue with the book was the agonizingly slow pace, once Annmar decided to take her new job she was only there for four days and then you’ve reached the end of the book. I didn’t realise how slow time was passing until I reached the end and looked back at what actually happened. In hindsight it was good not to notice the slow pace whilst reading but I would have liked to see a longer timespan or if it’s going to be short, then more action/adventure.

Overall I enjoyed this book and was glad to see some great character development towards the end. I would have liked to see some more plot twists, drama and heat to become fully engrossed in the story, but this was definitely some different nonetheless.

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  1. I just had to comment about the gorgeous cover!! Wow!! I love it regardless of what the book is about haha!!

  2. I just had to comment about the gorgeous cover!! Wow!! I love it regardless of what the book is about haha!!

  3. This sounds so cool! I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers:


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