Review: Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking

Series: The Kanin Chronicles #2
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Release Date: May 5th 2015
Book Length: 309 pages
Publisher: St. Martins Press
Source: Physical Copy, Goodreads 
Review: 4/5 *Full Review Below.

In the majestic halls of a crystal palace lies a secret that could destroy an entire kingdom…

Bryn Aven refuses to give up on her dream of serving the kingdom she loves. It’s a dream that brings her to a whole new realm…and the glittering palace of the Skojare.

The Skojare people need protection from the same brutal enemy that’s been threatening the Kanin, and Bryn is there to help. Being half Skojare herself, it’s also a chance for her to learn more about her lost heritage. Her boss, Ridley Dresden, is overseeing her mission, but as their undeniable attraction heats up, their relationship is about to reach a whole new level—one neither of them is prepared for.

As they delve deeper into the Skojare world, they begin to unravel a long-hidden secret. The dark truth about her own beloved Kanin kingdom is about to come to light, and it will change her place in it forever…and threaten everyone she loves.

I really enjoyed Frostfire but I still stand by my earlier review, I needed more romance, more action and more intrigue. Ice Kissed delivers this; thank god I carried on with this series!

Frostfire ended with Bryn discovering that the two most dangerous traitors of Kanin are working together but with still no leads on what their end goal is, the kingdom must plan for war. The darkness that has surrounded Kanin regarding Konstantin seems to have spread to Skojare. Bryn is sent to investigate and with the Queen of Skojare suddenly missing she assumes someone is after the throne and must ask fast before the kingdom falls to ruins.  

I’m happy to say that Ice Kissed contained a lot more action and mystery. By mystery, I mean that everyone Bryn spoke to became an instant suspect, they all had something to gain and acted strange and refused to help in the investigation. Even without help Bryn is dangerously close to unveiling a secret between the troll kingdoms and finally discovering who is behind it all, as in Frosfire we have yet to discover who is pulling the strings. It was nice to have a more in depth look Skojare with it's magical palace immersed in water and the magic behind the kingdom.

I definitely liked Bryn a lot more in this, although I admired her strong mind when it came to her career, I don’t think she realised how much of her life she would have to give up. Whereas in this finally she was able to see things in a different light, no longer looking at her friends having children or getting married as being the end of their career but in fact the start or something more meaningful, she definitely grew up a lot and gained a better perspective.

The romance was turned up a notch, it was crazy hot with Ridley but I still wanted more, there was only one or two moments. Bryn was obviously spending the majority of the book in Skojare so we didn’t see much of Ridley and despite my love for him he’s really an important character so I hope she gets more page time in the last installment.

So with the added action, romance and court politics I was very very impressed. I was much more engrossed in this book and trying my hardest to guess the villain and bigger plot involving Konstantin and Viktor Dålig. I was disappointed that we still don’t know what this great scheme is, it’s been two books now and surely we should have some hint at what’s going on? I can’t see any connection between kidnapping changelings and missing royalty, so I just wish we knew a little bit more but the ending of Ice Kissed has made sure that I will definitely be reading Crystal Kingdom whether I’d received the ARC or not, it’s shaped up to be an explosive ending. I would definitely urge readers who enjoyed Frostfire to carry on with series!

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  1. I never read any of these books but I definitely look for romance in every book I read. I'm a sap like that. I definitely heard some good things about these books, and I'm glad this next book has the romance you were seeking. I'm gonna check it out! Great review!

    1. I totally with you Jazmen, I need some romance, this book had a little more but still not enough for me haha! Thank you :)

  2. I didn't think that there was a whole lot of romance, but I loved the action. Bryn was kick-butt and things just got way more suspenseful in this book! :)

    Ranu @ The Bookish Life

    1. You're right, still wasn't enough romance but yes the action was great! Oh yes, Bryn was at her best in this trying to save everyone :D

  3. I haven't read any of these, but that's great you continued reading and thought this added a lot more to the series! I always like to hear there is some good mysteries in certain books.


    1. Me too, it's always best to carry on because most of the time they do get better :) A few of my favourite series didn't have the best of starts either haha!

  4. That cover is gorgeous! I'm definitely checking the first book out ^^ Great review :)



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