The Power (Titan #2) Cover Reveal

Oh Sethie?! How I need to back in my life... like yesterday.

I am so excited to see where JLA takes this series and of course it's NA so I get to enjoy all the hotness that is Seth!

This sexy little series has become a NA fave of mine and now I shall sit back wait for the blurb.. Add this to your Goodreads Shelves here: The Power, My Return review.

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  1. OMG SETH. I love the crackle of electricity on the "w" of the word "power." Nothing like a story of a bad boy to get one excited :)

    1. How amazing?!! He's back and I am totally loving it, The Return was just so good :D JLA is just the best at what she does ;)

  2. On another note, I've nominated you for the Beautiful Bloggers Award :) Rules are on my blog:


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