Review: The Girlfriend Request by Jodie Andrefski

The Girlfriend Request
Author: Jodie Andrefski
Series: Standalone

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: January 11th 2016
Publisher: Entangled Crush
Updating best friend to girlfriend is more than a change of status…

Emma has been best friends with Eli since she moved to his neighborhood ten years ago. Tired of being cast in the role of the girl next door, Emma creates a fake Facebook profile in the hopes of starting an online friendship with Eli, which would hopefully lead to more. Like...way more. From friend request to In a Relationship--it all seemed so completely logical when she'd planned it.

Eli can't figure out what Emma is up to. He’s pretty sure she's the one behind the Facebook profile, but then again, why would she do something so drastic instead of just admitting she wants to be more than friends? And who the heck is this new guy he saw her with? Eli starts to think that just maybe...he missed his chance with the girl next door.

Two best friends, one outlandish ruse. Their status is about to become way more than It’s Complicated…

This Entangled Teen Crush book contains one fake Facebook profile, two best friends who secretly crave each other, and a dreaded sex talk with parents…boy crush in the room included. Pushing a relationship beyond the friend zone has never been so crazy…


The Girlfriend Request is all about best friends Emma and Eli, following their journey through high school and Emma’s mission to make Eli fall in love with her. While I admire Emma guts and determination for going after what she wants, her actual idea/plan isn’t the best. Emma decides to create a fake Facebook profile and obviously this profile is of an attractive girl called ‘Kelli’. Through Kelli, Emma continues to message Eli in the hopes of making Eli realize that they could be more than best friends.

            I think we all know this is going to end in disaster right? Fake profiles never work out, I mean has anyone seen Catfish? What I didn’t expect was for Emma’s plan to blow up in her face within minutes of creating it. I was expecting a long, drawn out plot that revolved around this fake profile but mere chapters in Eli already has his suspicions and proof that Emma is behind Kelli’s profile and then the plot completely changes.

When Emma’s plan doesn’t yield the results she wants, she decides to go on a fake date with a college guy to hopefully make Eli jealous and not only does this work but it also makes Emma doubt her own feelings for Eli? It was during this fake date with Jake that turned out to no be so fake and so many miscommunications between Emma and Eli that I got so confused but mostly annoyed because it was so obvious what everyone was feeling and what was going to happen, so this chaotic jumble of emotions wasn’t necessary.

            However I always love stories of best friends falling love, it’s so sweet and The Girlfriend Request was no different in that respect, I really enjoyed it and it was hilarious in parts. But yet again I was wishing for something more to happen in the plot or a little more depth in the characters to fully invest in their story.

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